About YOUR Plant based products and its history

YOUR plant based products was created in 2021.  Leslie Acosta is the creator of the brand name.  She was inspired to create a brand that would connect her clients story to their everyday haircare products and routine. Leslie searched high and low to find a company that created the very product that she felt good about having her brand name on and clients use.  Many items in the product line use clay instead of wax which can cause build-up in the hair. The styling products offered are all water soluble and will rinse out of the hair with minimal effort in the shower.  The products are durable enough to keep your style the entire day. 

Leslie was also very interested in the overall health of her client hair and scalp.  The shampoo and conditioner are formulated to provide moisture which promotes a more balanced PH.  An imbalanced PH has a variety of consequences including dry and flakey scalp, and an over production of oils.  

Leslie wanted to ensure that all of her clients would be able to enjoy the benefits of every product in the line.  YOUR product line includes a leave-in conditioner, oil, and a deep conditioner that can be used by everyone.